Terms and Condidtions

1. The website/App is called Med App Konsult also known as MaK

2. Users of the app are refereed to as "MaK Users"

3. MaK Affiliates are organizations who subscribed on MaK for the purpose of providing medical/auxiliary health care services

4. MaK Doctors are either
A. MaK online doctors - These are specialists (Family Physicians) from across the World that will regularly be available online to serve MaK Users
B. My Mak doctors - These are specialist physicians Worldwide that MaK Users will have to search for by their names based on their Doctor-Patient relationship for their services.

5. MaK users are allowed to send chat messages, do voice and video calls when necessary. These are meant for only medical consultations.

6.To enjoy these online services, users must have Internet connectivity at no cost to the provider.

7. Consultations are confidential and secured. Personal data provided are kept for medical purposes except for research and other legitimate purposes.

8. The website is mainly connecting users to medical services. These medical services includes making medical diagnosis, medical advisory services, general health News, health education services, and other medical services which are not only inclusive of fore-mentioned. Mak will also be connecting users to other specialist consultations and services.

9. Medical services provided are free of charge, however users are required to subscribe to use all MaK's services

10. Subscriptions requires payment of prescribed fee, and may be subject to periodic reviews.

11. Subscription is per individual and allows one a single use.

12. Connection to other specialists consultation and services attracts payment on prescribed fees and per services.
Such fees are subject to the providers and availability of services.

13. MaK's duty to its subscribed users, is to connect them to these authenticated and genuine
medical service providers on advisory basis.

14. Users can proceed to use these services either through our website or App if satisfied with the organization. Mak cannot be held liable for any health or financial outcome incurred from these services.